“I do not think I would ever have a chance to improve my pronunciation if I did not find you. I must say that finding your phone number in yellow pages is the most amazing thing that has happened to me since I came to Australia.
Meeting you and working with you on my speech has been most pleasant, inspiring and encouraging. If I had attended another course I would have probably expanded my vocabulary and grammar knowledge but I would have still kept on producing incorrect sounds, placed stress on wrong syllables and made many more mistakes without even realizing it.
As I said, your professionalism has really inspired me. You are my role model.
I can see myself taking your classes indefinitely if I was to stay and work in Sydney.
What is more, you not only helped me from the English language perspective but you were there for me as some one who empathised with me, comforted me and encouraged me not to give up. Thank you.”

An English teacher from the Czech Republic