Question 6

Why teach students one on one?

Each individual has a different language background, a different learning style and different pronunciation difficulties.
There is no ‘one size fits all’ course with a ‘quick fix’ speech remedy.

The only really effective method of dealing with pronunciation problems is to work with students ‘one on one’.

In special cases, students may be taught in small groups where students have similar levels of English and pronunciation issues- see Programs

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Yvonne Perczuk has been a specialist in the design and delivery of university level courses, in English pronunciation and communication, since 1993. Her courses and training videos are used widely at all levels at the University of New South Wales Institute of Languages (UNSWIL); • she has designed university level pronunciation courses at all levels, as well as specialist courses geared to the particular needs of business professionals; • has designed and directed teacher-training videos on pronunciation techniques.

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