Question 7

What is a ‘Diagnostic Assessment’ and what does it achieve?

Dr Perczuk has created a diagnostic assessment tool, which is used in the first session of a program.
The assessment consists of a variety of speaking tasks used to identify students’ individual pronunciation problems.

A program, tailored to each student’s specific needs, is then designed based on the individual problems ‘diagnosed’ in the assessment.

The systematic training, which follows, is geared to provide students with reliable, targeted strategies to rectify the individual pronunciation issues, which hinder effective communication in their professional and social lives.

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Yvonne Perczuk has been a specialist in the design and delivery of university level courses, in English pronunciation and communication, since 1993. Her courses and training videos are used widely at all levels at the University of New South Wales Institute of Languages (UNSWIL); • she has designed university level pronunciation courses at all levels, as well as specialist courses geared to the particular needs of business professionals; • has designed and directed teacher-training videos on pronunciation techniques.

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