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Question 1

I’ve been studying English for years, but people still look annoyed at me and say they don’t understand me! Why? This is the most common complaint of the migrants and overseas university students Dr Yvonne Perczuk has taught over the past 25 years. Their vocabulary range is often good and their grammar is often technically excellent. Their problem is poor Continue Reading...

Question 8

What if I need training in other English communication skills? In their initial interview, most clients request an additional focus in their training to suit their own professional, academic or social requirements. Training is offered in a range of skills, including: Presentations  Lecturing skills  Interview skills  Phone skills  Speaking fluency and confidence  Grammar repair  Vocabulary development  Test preparation Each program Continue Reading...

Question 3

How long does it take to really see some improvement? That depends on your motivation and your commitment to practice. Most students report that they have positive feedback about their improved pronunciation from colleagues and friends after about 5 weeks. By 10 weeks, students feel a new sense of confidence and a definite change in their speech....