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Question 7

What is a ‘Diagnostic Assessment’ and what does it achieve? Dr Perczuk has created a diagnostic assessment tool, which is used in the first session of a program. The assessment consists of a variety of speaking tasks used to identify students’ individual pronunciation problems. A program, tailored to each student’s specific needs, is then designed based on the individual problems Continue Reading...

Question 5

What about when I’ve finished the program? How do I continue to practise after the course? You’ll be given a Follow-up Guide Package on completion of your course. This contains targeted pronunciation exercises, a CD and special guidelines for independent study. It will direct you to online audio and transcript resources, which will enable you to monitor and consolidate your Continue Reading...

Question 4

It’s easy to do the exercises in the classroom, but what about when I go out into the real world? Practice is the key! I will ask you to focus on different elements of your pronunciation in your daily speech each week with strategies to help you integrate what you have learned in the classroom into your spontaneous speech in Continue Reading...